[home]: Dramatic Before & After


I shared our basement reno pictures before - ones I managed to take quickly without any styling. I thought it was worthwhile remembering what that space looked like. Thankfully we did not have to use it. It wasn't just how it looked, but also how it functioned. For example, tub drain was on the opposite side of the shower - go figure... I think that whoever built this bathroom either made a mistake when ordering/buying a tub or got it at really good price and decided to use left side drain where they needed right side one. Either way - tub is gone.

So continuing the before & after series, here is next dramatic one:

As can be seen in the above photos - we gutted everything and changed position of toilet and door. It wasn't expensive change (moving the toilet) in grand scheme of things but allowed us to utilize the space better.

Tub was replaced by shower for a few reasons - we did not need another tub in the house as we already have one in kids' bathroom; ceilings are low enough in this basement bathroom, easier maintenance, etc.

We got rid of that linen closet which was not really needed especially with storage that we got with that Ikea vanity and it was taking away space from other areas of the basement. We also moved door opening, installed pocket doors and uses glass ones to allow light to go to the rest of the basement.

Here are a few more details from the new bathroom. I did not have a chance to style it really given that I shot these photos in couple of minutes I got when babies napped so you are getting a look at how it looks every day - for the most part of course depending on if kids used it or not...wink wink..

That's it... Source list is here , inspirations here, rest of basement reno here.


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