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I've been quite busy lately with feverish toddler and fussy newborn (and a few things in between) - so here is a short post. As we are still hoping for first floor reno, we are not investing anything other than decor to spruce up the space.

Our dining room is almost unchanged from the day we moved in some four years ago. What has changed is that we moved the area rug to basement and changed art around. Oh yes, another change is purchase of Target bar cart which I first noticed in Florida and was obsessing over not finding it in Canada.. Well, beware of what you wish for, it might come true... I found that bar cart some 6 months ago as a last one in Cambridge store. I could not believe my luck... I did not get to actually try it out in my dining room space as it was used for storage during our basement renovation until month or so ago.. As you can suspect - it does not really fit in the space the way I imagined it in y head and it is too late to return it.

Another small update is that we finally put up the big mirror from our powder room over the sideboard after a year and a half.. It opened up the space beautifully and made me forget for a second that wall colour and bead-board (or whatever that is) pretending to be drywall...

When we started 'making a house' some 13 years ago we gravitated towards traditional and dark furniture for our living and dining space. I am waiting for the reno to update the space with some modern touches.

Table is hand-me-down from friends that we stained ourselves. Chairs were flee market purchase while sideboard was a wedding gift from my parents.

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