[design]: Project Bathroom Update


My parents decided to renovate their basement bathroom which is fairly new but was fairly quickly done during their basement reno. I don't have actual before photos as my dad demo-ed the shower enclosure that he wanted to replace with built-in shower. I do have photos of in-progress work below... So what needs to be done:

1. Demo existing shower kit - done
2. Build new shower base - done
3. Select tile for shower floor, wall and accent but keep existing floor tiles - selected
4. Replace toilet (maybe) and vanity (purchased)
5. Replace mirror over vanity - still need to select it
6. Decide on wall colour - to be done
7. Complete the work (tiling, vanity, backsplash, mirror, paint, shower glass, etc)

As you can see my dad is doing most of the work himself - all but shower glass so that definitely helps with budget. I am helping with decor choices...

First up - vanity selection that does not break the bank. Here are three that I liked - I ended up gravitating towards dark ones.

/1/ Ikea LILLĂ…NGEN sink cabinet /2/ Home Depot by Glacier bay /3/ Ikea HEMNES sink cabinet

I was did not see the price of Home Depot vanity, but I am sure that it could not be cheaper than Ikea ones especially with Ikea's 15% off bathroom event. Home Depot vanity I also was not too crazy about because of those big 'silver' handles and three faucet holes - wanted single one. Since we were down to two - what won out? Well, first one is about 15 inches deep while third is almost 20 inches - and as you can see from photo above - space is at premium. I really love Hemnes vanity and I've used it in my own basement bathroom but I really liked different levels of the sink in the first option which also comes with its own add-ons. We will see it in action when installed - as we picked option #1.  

Next up on the search are tiles - and here we need to somewhat match them to existing floor ones. When I say somewhat match them - I mean, they should not clash as I am not trying to get exact match and even better, I want to get them as least noticeable as possible. I carried a piece of existing tile in a few stores that I went and tried my best at 'matching' it to some of the selections. 

Options in the above photos were shower base. It is hard to really see from these photos how they look together especially as lighting in stores is quite different from what you have at home - so it is always good to also bring samples to place where they will be installed to ensure you like them.

I visited a few of my go-to places for tiles when I want them really inexpensive (Home Depot, Tile Shoppe and Quarry Direct) and did not have a chance to go to couple of more (Lowes, Rona). My parents like simplicity so I did not want to go overboard with ideas and I needed to stay somewhat traditional to go with rest of the house decor.

We brought a few (dozen) samples to the bathroom to try them against existing floor tile. First decision to be made was the actual wall tile which is planned on the shower walls, but also on the whole wall where toilet sits. We narrowed the selection down to two different tiles: 6x18 carrarra marble imitation porcelain tile and 12x24 cream marble imitation porcelain tile (in photo below). They both looked nice and worked reasonably well with floor tile.

My parents decided to go with 6x18 white marble one (in these four images below) as it was cleaner looking with less striations and they liked it better. Next up was selecting the accent tile for horizontal stripe. It came down to these choices:

I forgot to mention that by selecting that wall tile - we have already decided on actual carrarra marble tiles - 2x2 square ones. Even though they like the hexagons in the above images - my dad wants to ensure easier installation by getting the square ones.

From the above four - we narrowed them to two. Here they are on the actual floor tile which looks more intense than it usually does - must be my photographing skills.... 

Well, which one would you pick?


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