[style]: Kitchen Inspirations Part III


Kitchen inspirations part I and II were my most visited posts - and I was just getting started. I guess years of collecting inspirations will do that for you, and these are just black-white with a touch of warmth ones.

Here is the next batch...


I have mixed feeling about this kitchen - on one hand it is interesting mix of styles and materials and it sucks you right in bouncing you from one focal point to another, while on other hand it is rather busy. While this hood is just beautiful but a bit too much for me, I really love the black subway tile wall. Floors are amazing and quite unexpected for the kitchen.

Here is example of a more tranquil kitchen. I am  not crazy about the dining room table wood in addition to that great armoire and stools and a different type of dining table would have worked better for me. What I just love is that armoire in combination of black and white kitchen.

This kitchen is example of a modern farmhouse kitchen. I love the rustic beams and floorboards and I love how cabinets are positioned not to hide that beautiful stove even though I am not sure how practical is this floor plan (i.e. stove seems to be too far from the sink).

While this next kitchen is a bit cold for me and besides some of those green apples seems to be missing some natural or warm element, I am mesmerized by black glass cabinet doors.

This next kitchen is more dark green than black, but if you squint it seems black.. it still illustrates the point especially with wood shelves and wood stools. I really like these pendants.

I really love how windows are framed in this next kitchen with glass cabinets. There is a lot of light so black works quite well and every inch of space seems to be used. Natural element comes from the butcher block.

This next kitchen really benefits from high ceiling and plenty of light allowing for some dark cabinetry to ground the space. Hardwood floor is just beautiful and almost steals the show here. Backsplash gives texture but is not overpowering and works with painted brick on the other wall.

Star of this kitchen is this tiled wall enhanced by interesting DIY looking (not sure if it is DIY or not) pendants. One must feel like dancing while prepping meals here. Natural elements come from what appears to be salvaged wood (or reclaimed wood) thick shelving on the side.

I found this next kitchen in one of the apartments for rent in Paris and it is something you would expect to see from Italian or French kitchen - curves are incredible and different colour toe-kick makes this kitchen appear to float.

The next kitchen is more traditional looking and has example of a hood I am liking more and more - very tailored looking.

Final kitchen of this post uses matte cabinetry and intertwines dark and white cabinets without any bling (knobs or pulls)/ I love how the look of the cabinets is repeated or emulated with fireplace and dining room table and chairs are just perfect to make this architected space warm and inviting.

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