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I was quite busy over the last week and did not have a chance to document some of our happenings... so here they are all in one batch.. First up - we lost a tree...

Now you see it, now you don't.. Or, let's play finding differences between these two photos..

It is sad really, whole neighborhood - whole city actually is affected by Emerald Ash Borer infestation. While we had one tree to cut down, neighbour down from us needed to take care of 17!!! 

Taking trees down is really expensive.. We managed to get a really good quote - $2000 for 2 trees as we have a a dead Elm out front including the removal (grinding) of a tree stump. Neighbour behind to us paid $2000 for one tree, and neighbours next to us got a quote of $3500 for their tree. It takes years for these trees to grow to those heights and only several hours to remove them as if they've never been there. They, do linger, in the ground apparently - roots still take nutrients and that can affect anything planted there for several years.

This weekend is Thanksgiving and fall is in the area for most of the summer really - so a bit of fall decorations was in order. Earlier years, our neighbourhood would be all decked out for Halloween by now - but I am not seeing much, if anything. Could be that everyone is trying to prolong this non-summer as long as possible this year.

In the school next to us, kids enjoyed Fall Fair - my son loaded on the 'goodies' as you can see while for rest of the time we worked the barbecue for some really good stuff - fish and roasted peppers among other things... This summer was great barbecue-wise - we really enjoyed family and friends every weekend - we did not miss a beat!

My dad loves growing fruits in his backyard - kids were all to happy to help pick them and, try them..

Since I am on the topic of backyards - our back neighbours added a fence... it is sad really as wild life will not be able to roam around as they did up to now - as they will be blocked. Our next door neighbour is installing new kitchen - here is grainy picture of that.. black and white kitchen trend going strong. Finally, I've snapped this office chair on last garage sale of the season.. yeah!

Last but not least we celebrated 10th b-day of my eldest daughter.. wow - 10 already... She wanted a few of closest friends to come over and have a nice get together playing, doing crafts, making their own pizzas, photo-booth, and they finished it off with a movie in their pajamas.

Instead of doing a cake, I've made brownies in these cute cups and added marshmallows in some of them and whipped cream in others.. They were gone in minutes as
girls devoured them...

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