[design]: Hobby or 'a bit of everything' room


Here is yet another design - this time of a hobby room, TV room, office - just a bit of everything.

This was a really fun room to design and to try to incorporate everything without making it seem too crowded. Shape of the room was challenging but it lent itself nicely to incorporate two office desks by having a bit of visual interest naturally and avoid one long line of desk space.

Another challenge was structural post in the middle of the room that was resolved by use of shelving and continuation of that shelving in such a way to visually expand the room by making each level of shelves longer. Using curved lines, idea was to take the eye away from the post and add more visual interest.

More challenges in terms of space and storage and solving them through custom cabinetry 'hugging' the wall and at the same time visually expanding the space.

Different areas are further defined by use of area rugs.

Finally, placement of plant is such to further draw attention from the structural post. Furniture works as extension of shelving and lighting is both feature and necessity.

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