[design]: Attic Apartment for Two


I haven't shared e-designs in a quite a while, so here is one of small attic apartment for a young couple. Needless to say, space is scarce and team had to work around different wall challenges. Here is the result. Hope to have some after photos one of these days...

Great thing in this space is that one can build UP to add some office space in that loft area. There is also great use of bookshelves as dividers.

TV is on the half wall allowing for openness of space making it appear larger. Observe that loft area is not a half wall but really light railing system that is completely see-through. Again for space. Finally, bookshelves go from main floor to through loft area making you look up, allowing again for appearance of larger space. 

While small, dining area is nicely defined with wall paper.

Closet in the bedroom has funky design to offset the sloped ceiling.

Another way to draw attention away from slopped ceiling is to have very strong art across the wall the way it was done here - eye follows the straight lines and creates balance. Great play on headboard/ built-in side table.

Bathroom is also very small but stylish and very functional.

Skylight allows for much needed light and makes the space appear more airy.

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