[decor]: Weekly Roundup


This past week I was searching for quite a few decor items so it saw me enter a few more stores for a quick look - Anthropologie, Crate and Barrel, West Elm, Target, Chapters/Indigo, Home Sense, Restoration Hardware and Ikea... Sometimes when I enter some or all of these stores I don't know where to look first as all the decor and displays amaze me.. This was not one of those times.. There was not much that I felt excited about or drawn to, hence the lack of pictures... It must be  this in-between holidays time at the root of it all... but I remembered to snap a couple of photos when I saw something interesting..

In Anthropologie, horseshoe detail was throughout the store.. With 25% off sale, I managed to snap couple of goodies while returning some of those gorgeous knobs I was considering for our basement cabinets.

These beautiful books make for great gifts - I snapped this 'The Little Prince' pop-up book in Chicago some 3-4 years ago.

From Crate and Barrel not much to report about except this nice looking fire-pit on clearance that we considered buying for a second as we wanted one for some time. But it will have to wait.. I liked this gallery wall as the pictures are so close together and this island would be great addition to our future kitchen if we could actually fit it.. 

In Home Sense I noticed couple of these bar carts -

 plus striking photos, world maps and interesting mirrors..

Not that much to report from Ikea either - I liked these cute prints - 5 for $1 and took a photo of Ikea's suggested arrangements.

Finally we had not so nice experience at West Elm in their Toronto store trying to order a bed taking advantage of their 20% off bedroom sale for hour and a half only to leave empty handed as they could not guarantee delivery of one out of three items. While I like their merchandise, I dread going to the store for anything not being sold on the floor - I've never had successful purchase as anything I ever wanted seemed to be be out of stock. Oh well, now I need to figure out how to buy that bed...

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