[decor]: Halloween 'R Us


Fall colours here in Ontario are just amazing. These pictures were taken by iPhone and have not been touched by any program and, yet, they look incredible to me.  It is a rather short window where leaves turn colours before falling down and we traveled up north just before most of the trees turned so the pictures below are from our parks.

Halloween is upon us and while kids always go 'trick or treating' we never spent too much time decorating indoors or outdoors. I think it is mostly because I cannot find enough storage for all the decor. We were also quite busy with entertaining of guests visiting our newborn that creative and imaginative pumpkin decorating was just a quick exercise of kids drawing their designs (angry birds anyone?) and me carving one pumpkin based on those designs and just tracing other ones with oil based crayon. Kids also played with some of the last year's costumes...

Our front outdoor decoration for Thanksgiving and fall looked like this:

..and for Halloween was transformed to this... with loads and loads of ... take a guess...

With quite a few mature trees in our backyard, we have plenty of leaves to rake - a chore that kids help with, in their own way...

Finally, last week saw us complete a project that will hopefully help us keep the house waterproof. As we have a flat roof with gravel on top we cannot control how the water drains off it. Since the flat part of the roof seemed to be in good enough shape according to all those roof specialists - we decided not to change it and creating a new structure that would slope would be a lot of work and money. Two downspouts in the front of the house receive minimal drainage, and most of the water drained through one downspout at the back of the house or it would just overflow from the top. Solution that might help this problem is that we installed an eavesthrough at the back and added another downspout. Now we are just waiting for rain to come to test it all out.

Back on the subject of Halloween - older kids are quite concerned by their costumes. My daughter really liked Cuckoo 4 Design's DIY Maleficent Costume idea so we will attempt that - she got her aunt's old black dress and is relentlessly begging me to create the headgear... I am yet to purchase black duck tape or face paint.. yes, terrible mommy... My son wants to be a solder and we might be good in that department... Younger kids will wear inherited costumes ... A few more days now.. then sugar galore!

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