[style]: Kitchen Inspirations Part I


I've been collecting images of all sorts of places for years now and I have quite a collection that is yet to make its way to Pinterest even though most of these images are probably already there under different boards. Looking at all of the images I've collected when it came to kitchens, surprisingly, I realized that most of them tend to be black & white with some natural wood tones added in for a good measure.

As we are planning new kitchen renovation, it is good to realize that this is a style I am mostly driven to even as there is occasional opulent kitchen image I've saved. Going through these inspirations again as I am writing this post - there is something I like about each one of them and there is something about purity of white, grounded by black and softened by wood. The trick for our renovation will be where and how to introduce these elements - challenge that I can't wait to tackle especially as I will be working under a strict budget as usual.

There are so many good examples in the inspiration images that I have to divide the post. Here is part 1...


While not strictly black - these cabinets are dark enough to ground the space and there are these great chairs. White uppers and dark lowers have been done so many times that I am not really looking to do that, but having a wall of cabinetry of different colour might be something I am more inclined to do. Wood shelving is great - plus the mix of industrial/modern (hood, appliances), natural (shelves, floor), traditional (lights, marble). This kitchen can look very dark if there is not enough natural light - so it needs to be applied with caution.

This next image is quite the opposite as it is very light and dark elements are used sparingly - through knobs and pulls and most dominantly through a great stove which is the main star of this kitchen even if hidden by another great piece - table. I would personally skip wood countertops as the floors are already quite visible.

Here is a similar set-up where stove is a center piece but this time hood and amazing backsplash bring you there. While wood floors are present and soften the space a bit - I feel the space would benefit from a bit more natural wood to make it a bit more personal.

Very similar look but some of the dark elements coming in through pendants, stove grille, knobs and pulls and chair legs.

This next space is exactly the play of white, black and natural that I just so love with some metals thrown in as well - now it is just a question of interpreting this style on a budget... Yes - I have my work cut out for me..

While I am kind of excluding the two-tone cabinetry (i.e. dark lowers and light uppers), when I look at this image I almost want to reconsider that. I think I am tired of seeing gray lowers, and this black and white combo just looks very refreshing to me... Oh, the choices..

In terms of style of kitchen - it is this combo of industrial meets traditional that I am really loving lately and it is perfectly done in this kitchen. One would be hard pressed to guess to place this kitchen to a certain time period as it looks evolved and collected - just the way I like it.

While I am a bit tired of black countertop as I currently have it, what I love about the kitchen below is exposed hardware.

Black walls really help framing this hood and stove.

What is not to love about this kitchen - there are so many little elements to try an incorporate in our own design even if we cannot afford all of it.

More inspirations to come... What would be your favorite?

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