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I've enjoyed our white walls for almost two years now. I think that must be the reason why it took me so long to start putting up pictures and paintings. And no, I don't think this is just an excuse for not tackling purchased but unopened frames - I think I needed to be inspired of sorts, and I really enjoyed our white space.

When we moved into our new old house we did not paint it as the previous owners prepared it for sale. I hoped to perk up that sad ugly wall colour they used in all spaces (all but the powder room) with pictures and paintings I had - but that colour was overpowering - at least for me. During our renos, we tackled the paint colour throughout most of the house where almost every single wall got BM Cloud White treatment. It felt so good seeing that colour every morning as sun and shades danced on bare walls - it was so pristine and clean yet very warm, I just enjoyed it.

It took me some time to feel the need for change and start adding and/or moving pictures around the house. Originally, I did not have plans for gallery wall in our tiny family room, until I wanted to draw the attention away from TV.  Most of the frames that I ended up using were planned for our master bedroom, but since I changed my mind about what to do there, it was just as well to leverage these frames elsewhere. 

Few months ago, I assessed what I've accumulated over past few years in terms of frames and prints and started putting them together. I realized that I was missing prints/paintings as some of the ones I had were too small for openings of the frames I purchased... oh well!  Not wanting to stop the progress of actually doing something, I resorted to (I hope!) temporary measure of having some random black and white prints. Then I laid it all out on the floor and played a bit with the arrangement. Took a picture of the arrangement so I would not forget what I planned and decided to call it a day.

Well, I might have called it couple of months really as that is how long it took to actually put all of these up. It was partly due to that big belly, sudden clumsiness, inability to calculate correctly distances leading to frustration after putting up just two pictures which sat on our wall for good 6+ weeks... Until I felt it was enough, belly turned into beautiful baby girl and measurements.. hhhhmmmeasurements.. who needs them.. I just did it by feel which is how I usually do it anyway.

Also along the way I decided to make some tweaks to the arrangement so what we ended up with is a bit different from the plan in previous picture. See if you can spot all the differences (with the obvious one being that these are up on the wall)...

Voila! Here is a list of sources:

1. Frame: West Elm; print: random black/white
2. Frame: Home Sense; oil painting: my own work
3. Frame: Home Sense; oil painting: my own work
4. Frame: West Elm; print: random black/white
5. Frame: Target; print: old map of old Paris arrondissements
6. Frame: Target, print: print of 18th century boat on river Danube and fortress
7. Limited Edition Print: titled "Canola", Goodwill (hard to tell from signature the name of artist)
8. Framed art: Home Sense
9. Frame: West Elm; print: random black/white
10. Frame: Target; print: postcard from Paris of Notre Dame
Finally we enjoy this bit of change...

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