[life]: Travel Diaries - Cramming in Medieval City


Our trip in France last year also took us to medieval city Perouges close to Lyon. Since I've rented a car to go from Paris to Lyon, I've decided to stay outside Lyon and drive to the city to spend the day especially as I could not decide what apartment to rent in Lyon (which specific location to focus on) and then there was car to think of and parking.

This proved to be a good decision - drive into the city was easy especially with GPS to guide me and traffic was not bad. We also got to stay in a medieval city that feels almost untouched by the time.

We stayed in a bed and breakfast called 'Le Grenier a Sel' ("the salt storehouse) which I wholeheartedly recommend. From warm and lovely host to charming rooms and beautiful view while eating breakfast on terrace, it made for a very pleasant stay.

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