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We loved the results of our basement renovation so much that we immediately started thinking of renovating our first floor first to get rid of different ceiling textures, bad drywall, plaster; second, to improve the flow of the house; and third, to get a new kitchen. When we will get to actual renovation will depend on budget and timing of things - and in the meantime I am collecting numerous inspiration photos.. There are several different styles that I like but I get to design only one kitchen.. Who knows, maybe I end up combining a few of them...

In the meantime we are enjoying our improved kitchen and here are some of the resources we used:

cabinet paint colour: Benjamin Moore - Paper White
wall paint colour: Benjamin Moore - Cloud White
wire pendants: Target
blinds: Home Depot
faucet with pull-out: Ikea (discontinued)
tea towel: Ikea
rug: Elte
floor: Walnut, wide plank, scraped look - local store

cabinet paint colour: Benjamin Moore - Paper White
upper cabinet knob: Target (also sold at other places)

 cabinet paint colour: Benjamin Moore - Paper White
lower cabinet knob: Anthropologie

A Knob Story

When we painted our kitchen cabinets, it was a perfect opportunity to replace cabinets knobs. I had a bit of dilemma if I should go with crystal ones, black ones, knobs or pulls, specifically cup pulls, etc. I've purchased a couple of them to try out, but nothing was really 'it'.

During our US trip almost two years ago and unavoidable visit to Target store (a must before there was opening of Target in Canada), we found glass knobs on clearance that sealed the deal for upper cabinets. There was just enough of them to fill our uppers and we were going to figure out the lowers based on what we could match to them.

During our second floor bathroom renovation, we ended up with credit at Taps Bath store where we found crystal knobs that we liked which looked perfectly matched to both cabinet colour and knobs in the upper cabinets. Crystal knobs were ordered, and three months later half of the order came. We waited on rest of them for several more months only to learn that they are discontinued and they will not be coming in - at all. 

I was devastated! I've tried searching everywhere for remaining knobs - no luck! I was even ready to mix and match - but I could not - I was still missing a few to make it all work. So, with heavy heart, I took down the ones I had and brought them back to the store.

The search was again on - and I turned to Anthropologie. Amazingly enough I found the crystal knobs you can see in the photos above for $2.95!!! I've purchased all they had and I was still missing a number of them. They patiently called all Toronto stores to see if they had any - but no luck again! They took my number and told me that they will search in other stores. A day or so later I got a phone call that they had them in Edmonton and that they will ship them to me at no charge. What an amazing service!!!

Almost a year or so after painting the cabinets - our knobs were finally all in place. I really like having smaller ones on the upper cabinets and heavier ones on the bottom. I also really like how light plays off them. I am enjoying them as I am not sure if they will make it to the new kitchen depending on where our inspiration and design goes - but I will reuse them elsewhere in the house, they just look so good. 

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