[home]: Before & After Kitchen Part I


I've been planning to show some of the updates we've done in our kitchen over last while but it is very hard to get is ready for a quasi photo shoot with everything that is going on in between breakfast, lunch and dinner. So I've decided to photograph and show off sections - hence part I.

Here is the kitchen we got when we purchased the house:

Our "little" updates include painting the walls, cupboards, changing floor, faucet, knobs, lights, appliances and window treatment. The biggest of those, of course is painting out the cabinets which we were lucky to get someone to do it inexpensively using oil paint. Almost two years later, I think that paint is holding up well considering the daily abuse it is getting.

What a difference a bit of paint makes?! Kitchen is almost unrecognizable.. Here are before & after side by side:

And here are some of the detailed shots of pendant, upper and lower cabinets:

Hopefully I will be able to show the rest of the kitchen soon.

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