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Our family room might be small, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up in style and visual focal points especially now that we've completed the gallery wall.  So to truly appreciate how far we've come, one needs to see what we started with.

Here are couple of before & after photos to showcase our start and current state. Furnishings and decor in the before picture are from the previous owner and pictures were taken during our walk-through of the house.

So what has changed beside the decor? 

1. Paint, paint, paint

It is not as visible from these pictures just how much the paint can affect the space - but the colour that was there when we purchased the house and lived with it for some year and a half really was bringing me down. We painted all the walls BM - Cloud White and fireplace BM - Moonshine. White really opened the space and it was such a dramatic change (hard to believe, I know) while BM-Moonshine is such a subtle grey, making the fireplace appear cement like - which is the look I was going for.

2. Floor

We replaced old linoleum flooring with wide walnut laminate as you can see it peeking through area rug in above after photo.

3. Window & Door

While the outside door is still there - we are hiding it with curtains as it served no function for us (i.e. we never planned on using it to get inside). Also - by not trying to make it functional we got a bit more space.  For window we changed the trim, added blinds and tried to make it appear centered by using curtains again.

4. Fireplace Door

In addition to painting the fireplace we also changed the door to go for more modern sleek look. We found this black glass door at Canadian Tire

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