[home]: Adding a Bit of Heart!


I've been putting this little project off for quite some time as number of things needed to come together first before I could tackle it properly. First there was putting up pictures in my daughters' room - mostly accomplished - then it was finding uninterrupted time with my eldest to help me complete the task. After all it is her room and her walls, except of course, for that corner currently occupied by her younger sister.

As her walls got that white paint treatment I so enjoyed in the rest of the house it was time to make her room a bit more fun and girly than it already was. There are so many great decals to order or even make, but when I saw these heart ones at Target, I just called it a day:

I got two packages for one and half walls and with some high level suggestions I let my daughter just add them as she wanted it to. Idea or suggestion was to add them as if they were swept by the wind coming from bottom left corner (in below picture) - imagining that wind would blow that way. Second suggestion I had for her was to add just enough decals to each part of the wall and then to move on onto another part. When all areas were somewhat covered, use the remaining decals to fill in areas that she felt needed to have more of them. Image below shows the first pass.

Here is the after the second pass:

Click here to see more photos...

As we did this work at night - we used light and documented the process using iPhone - hence bad grainy photos. 

 We both really like the result - not sure if it translates well with these grainy photos, but room is whimsical and much more cheerful now. Most importantly, my daughter loves it and these decals are very easy to take off if she (hm hm me) grows tired of it...

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