[decor]: Weekly RoundUp


A 6-week old definitely does not allow for lot of spare time for blogging let alone browsing and shopping, but I've managed to squeeze in a couple of quick shop visits and even one quick shopping that turned out somewhat successful. It was successful as I've managed to find beautiful lion lamp for my nephew's first birthday for a great price, less successful as it was cut very short .. again..

I took a quick snap of the lamp - I just love it so.. forgot to put the shade on it though.. Cake was finished in a matter of minutes...

I had a very brief visit to Chapters/Indigo which was also sporting those black and white boxes. That cool little clock caught my eye and those lamps were on sale at Pottery Barn.

Here is what caught my eye at Home Sense:

Loved the basket, airplane could be hanged and if I did not have one already in my son's room this would be a good contender. While I am generally unsure about wreaths - this one I like. I also loved this little people statue, or however one should call it, "mucho" interesting..

That little horse looks like something out of antique store; interesting triptych, more of wall wire shelving (now I am seeing it everywhere and it was nowhere to be found when I was looking for it for my son's room). Finally, great looking blankets - I have a couple of wool ones but these are tempting me..

A number of benches that can be found.. first one is really interesting - I have not seen it before at Home Sense.

Beautiful rugs - bottom left picture is of Nicole Millers 9x12 rug, just beautiful. I can see any of these in my basement.

I am completely mesmerized by the owl art in the first image - I can't keep my eyes of it. Cute owl pillow for kid's room. I like those pillows and cute box..

That big (and it is really big - the photo does not do it justice) pumpkin decoration was just too expensive at $200, but would look great. I can see this mirror in a nursery. Finally, I don't see wall sconces too often (or almost ever) at Home Sense.

First three are dressers, the last one is just a small box with fake compartments, but really cute. My favorite is bottom left dresser - great wood/mirror combo. It was already sold.

I took a picture of first vignette as there is a similar wing back chair my parents have that I am imagining upholstering this way. I love the picture of the ship as well. Interesting looking chair plus really cute table with marble top.

Finally, to round things up, fall is here and we are getting the last of vegetables from our garden. Cucumbers were  amazing this summer - tomatoes we did not prepare well but those that worked out tasted and smelled like "real" tomatoes. Our garden experiment was a success and we cannot wait to do it for spring with more vegetables and to involve our kids even more.


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