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I've already shared couple of spaces where I've used my kids' art to liven up the space. Up until recently I have enjoyed white walls devoid of almost any art or decorations , but felt a need for a bit of change. So empty wall featuring only our TV got a full gallery treatment, kids' rooms got their decorations up including decals, and I am still not done. I've pretty much done a complete 180 on a number of walls and in the process resorted to incorporating some of my kids art for three reasons:

  1. I actually like it and like looking at it
  2. It means something to me
  3. It is available and quite affordable

Medley of Art

In my case, I am not a big fan of putting kids' art and drawing on my fridge as I like to keep it clean and clutter free.  For some time, I've been meaning to put up some twine and hang the art kids bring home from school tiny wooden pin pegs... I've even purchased all of the supplies - but I am yet to get to it or change my mind.. whichever comes first. However, in the process of cleaning out multitudes of accumulated stuff - I've decided to display some of the art in the kids' playroom before parting with it for good.

Benefits are that kids are inspired, it is colourful addition to a playroom, it is also easily interchangeable, and very easy to put up. Other option is to get inexpensive and fun/colourful frames but that approach requires a bit more purpose and planning.

When we are done with a drawing/painting - I save really special ones and other ones I take a photo of and throw out.. I am that heartless..

My favorite approach is to frame those that I really like in formal frames and use them in unexpected places. This fish I framed using a great Goodwill find ($5) and a very serious frame. I ended up using this finished piece in our basement family area that up to that point looked quite serious and almost formal.

This painting definitely livens it all up and it can hold on it is own a big black wall.

Other example is using couple of Target frames and making our powder room more interesting. Paintings reflect in the mirror.

Final piece - that is very dear to my heart is my son's painting from couple of years ago. I've been moving it around, from a nightstand to a TV console to a side table, and perhaps I am subjective (not perhaps, I am), this painting of me just works anywhere I put it.

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