[style]: Study in Simplicty


Here is one "modernist and monochrome studio apartment in Le Marais" that caught my eye as it is perfection in its simplicity and yet exudes style. 

Owner describes it as:

1 bedroom, 1 bathroom smart, chic space filled with iconic 70’s furniture

Thinking aloud
Boulevard Beaumarchais is many things. It’s a retreat from the everyday, a pure, bright apartment that’s at once stylish yet cleverly neutral. It’s a space housing an extraordinary collection of 60’s and 70’s furniture. And most of all, it’s a fabulous, fashionable home. The cobbled streets of Le Marais were once the preserve of the aristocracy, but while the architecture remains grand, today everyone can enjoy the galleries, independent shops and hip restaurants. Artists and writers flock to these bustling cafés, so bring your pad and pen, order a glass of vin rouge, and let inspiration come to you. 

Time in
Your hostess is a stylist and sculptor whose past work includes overseeing photo shoots for Chanel’s prêt-à-porter division. Since having children she’s begun creating look books for talented new designers, and Boulevard Beaumarchais is where she comes to think, to sketch and to dream. 

Mind palace
Appropriately enough, you’re a few floors above a design centre, and you can look down to see some of the city’s most glamorous inhabitants sharing the latest gossip. Or, turn back inside for a modernist, monochrome space, zipped with bright green by Cuban pot plants.
The coffee table’s a Willy Rizzo, and the lighting’s little short of iconic. Both kitchen and bathroom are understatedly smart, and when finally you put your book to one side, lie back upon our fresh linen sheets and admire the ceiling’s whitewashed beams.

Here are some of the studio details:

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