[style]: Another Gem in Le Marais


I am finding incredible homes/apartments for short term rental in Paris and here is another gem from Le Marais area. This one-bedroom, one-bathroom home is delicate and pretty with accents of blue and yellow.

From owner:
Wrapped up in flowing ropes of silk and accents of yellow satin comes Rue du Temple – a gift sure to send you into a swoon. Finely filigreed wood and a particular delicacy of touch bring to mind your most treasured piece of jewellery, with whimsical artworks in shades of mustard adorning the demure grey walls. And the glow doesn’t fade once you step outside. Le Marais is utterly picturesque with painted doorways sheltering some of Paris’ chicest bars. Head down to Rue des Francs Bourgeois for a string of intimate restaurants, and if you wish to extend the evening’s romance the sparkling Seine is within easy reach.

 Inside, this home is delightful in every detail, from the sitting room’s angular lights and pale leather sofa, to the burnished coffee table and library ladder.

The bathroom has recently been refurbished, with textured tiles and a gargantuan walk-in shower, and there’s a romantic air to the bedroom, its rich velvet providing a heady contrast to the stripped wooden floor.

Le Marais may be one of the most bustling districts in Paris, but you’d never know it from your sweetly secluded location down a private side street.

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