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Here are some of the random tidbits from our life at the moment.

We really love tennis and it is great having Master 1000 in town this week. I got to enjoy it all vicariously through my husband who first took the older kids over last weekend to watch qualifiers and practice sessions. It is a great way to motivate kids to see professionals without having them sit still to watch a full match.  He also went to watch two quarterfinal matches.

Few practice sessions @ Rogers Cup
 Besides tennis here are other happenings...

/1/ I've been looking for inexpensive sofa table to put in our basement behind our couch when I saw this LACK 74 inches floating shelf. I've snapped it up (big belly and al.) While I still love the idea of adding this behind our sofa especially as sofa is going against the wall and any sofa table that I would buy would not be really visible - I've also managed to find lamps I absolutely love and they might not fit on this shelf - i.e. it might be too narrow. 

/2/ Another purchase from Ikea - TRONES storage boxes that I would like to try in the little area just as we go to backyard. Will report progress.

/3/ Third purchase is about tackling a project that is long time in making - our bed. I've talked about our challenge of finding frame to go with our headboard that is inexpensive. My attempt is to use this cheap and simple Ikea bed frame - chop off its headboard and use bedskirt or pad it in fabric.

/4/ Final purchase from Ikea are TYDA cabinet handles that were on sale. I've been looking for handles or knobs to add to our basement bar area. While I thought I would go with knobs, I really liked these so we will probably stick with them.

/5/ While our garden is growing beautifully, it was planted somewhat haphazardly. As a result, tomato plants are not supported as they should be and it is hard to get to them. No one thought that our garden would take off so well. This image is of garden of our friend and something we will try to emulate next year.

/6/ We had so many cucumbers from our garden so far that we can barely pick in time let alone manage to eat all - it is amazing feeling eating something that you grew and it is great showing kids where food comes from. 

/7/ Piece of Canadian rock and hydrangeas - beautiful combination often seen in Canadian landscape and gardens. I can't get enough of the look. This one is from my mom's front yard.

/8/ Also from my mom's front yard, beautiful roses. I often think of them as typical and avoid using them in garden, but love when I see them somewhere. I might need to rethink that.

/9/ Kids being creative, imaginative and fun!

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