[home]: Powder Room - Almost Done


I've shared some progress on our powder room already and since then managed to put up the "artwork" that I planned for the space. It is great when whatever I see in my head actually works out in practice as sometimes it is not the case. 

Ignoring the ugly unfinished window, what you can see in the mirror are two pieces of artwork that I've framed.  Here it is from another angle.

Room is obviously quite small so it is almost impossible to take a picture especially with a big belly getting in the way.

This "artwork" is work of my oldest daugther - top one she made when she was about 5 and bottom one when she was 2. I've helped her a bit with the bottom one. Personally I like the bottom one better as it is 'free' while the top one shows that she put some thought to it and is already bound by some conventions... 

Either way, both are lovely and this Target frame just makes them seem a bit more done.

The last piece of our powder room puzzle is the window treatment which should be coming up next as per my Romans & Blinds project...

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