[home]: Our Tiny Family Room


Before we completed our basement renovation where we now have a really nice large open space (23 x 17 ft) we only had to contend with our tiny family room (9 x 20 ft). As you can see from the dimensions, it is quite narrow and technically as part of it is used to get to stairs going up to second floor and down to the basement, we can't even make full use of the room. 

What I still love about it is that is right off kitchen, it allows me to watch TV while cooking or watch the kids play there. There was nothing I hated more in our previous house than being completely cut off while in the kitchen and I always wanted more of an open space. While this house does not completely give us that as this family room is quite tiny, we still do have a space to sit in, relax in and watch TV that is right on the first floor and completely connected with kitchen (hmmm how many times will I repeat this phrase.. it is obviously quite important to me..)

I will go over improvements we made to this space in a separate Before & After post, for now I just wanted to share what this space currently looks like (even though I just switched the furniture around as a temporary arrangement) especially as I just completed the gallery wall I've been 'working on' for last few months. By 'working on' I mean that I placed two pictures up and then waited couple of months before I added the rest... Oh well.

Side note: It was hard to take good photos of the space due to reflection as I had to close of natural light as much as possible to reduce the reflection in TV and pictures with glass.

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