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We moved into our "new" old house some four years ago almost to date. Before then, we lived in a newer 3-storey townhome that we really liked even though we were not crazy about a really busy neighbourhood especially with 2 kids at the time.  

This is what our home looked like when we put it up for sale four years ago:

This is a small room or den off 3rd floor master suite with exit to a balcony. We used is as a nursery for our second child (as we did with first before moving her to her own room). It was great having a separate room with door for naps. I've created the tree mural myself and we basically took greenish nursery that my daughter had (as we did not know the gender when we had her) and painted out the top part blue.

Here is our daughter's room (not sure why it is crooked). What we loved about our house was the amount of windows it had as you can see in her room. It was a really good size room for a townhouse. 

Above images are of our living/dining area on the first floor. Some 12 years ago we started it off with fairly traditional furnishings and a lot of pictures/paintings that we pretty much all got as our wedding presents. While we are adding some more modern touches in our new home, we still have all of these furnishings in the living/dining of our new place and are currently working on mixing them up. These are good quality pieces that will stand the test of time and it is only a question of how to incorporate them or convert them to something you love next 10+ year (sounds like an awful lot of time).

This is our kitchen that I really did not like as it just had this pink hue to it that almost every day I wanted to paint over, but I resisted. We discussed a lot if we should be doing anything to this space, but our unit was one of the biggest, as well as, an end-unit, and we felt that throwing money on improvements at that time on a fairly new townhome, we would not recuperate once we decided to sell. Even if pinkish, cabinets were fairly new and in really good condition - painting over the wood grain would never look as good up close to potential buyers.So we decided to live with it.

This was our master bedroom. As I mentioned in one of earlier posts, we are working on our master bedroom in current home and while we have a new headboard, we are still using the same bed as above photo. I am hoping to have something new to report soon.

This was our master bath - we were not sure if we should do much here considering the potential return so we decided to live with choices that were made before us. As we ended up keeping the house and renting it out, we did at one point renovate the shower (I will share "after" in another post) but everything else stayed the same for use and abuse of renters.

Here is our unit from outside - I really like the red brick and we have fond memories of our home.

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