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I've talked a bit about the girls' room in earlier post as we added a crib to our older daughter's room for our toddler. It is quite an age difference as they are 7 years apart but this should be somewhat of a temporary solution and neither of them uses the room very much.

We got a crib from a friend to use so painting it out was not an option. While I would love to paint it out for a different pop of colour, it does not look to bad in present shape considering rest of the furnishing is white. 

I finally managed to put up the artwork on the walls (something that was on my to-do list for more than year and a half!!). I guess it worked out as I would have to change it anyway since we added teh crib into the space. Artwork is placed a bit higher than I would normally have it, but it is mostly as I don't like the possibility of my little spunky toddler getting to those frames with glass.

I talked before about lucky find of two linen sets, one for each girl to match from Restoration Hardware Outlet. I am still giddy about it and it feels just wonderful.

Here are a few detail shots.

I will go over the source list, updates and rest of the room in one of the future posts.

P.S. On August 8th we welcomed another baby girl! 

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