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I've been plagued with some strange internet issues lately hence the silence lately which I guess was a bit of a good thing as I got a bit more shut-eye especially as our new bundle of joy has been cooperating in the sleep department. I also feel like I have more energy post-pregnancy so that helps a lot as well especially as three other children want and need their share of attention. 

Last week hubby stayed home and it was a very nice, mellow week for us all with new baby in tow. This week he is back to work, two older children in a camp they like and I am getting adjusted to life with a newborn and a toddler. I don't think I need to say which is more demanding of my attention. 

Post that I already wrote but somehow got wiped out with my internet woes is design post that team has done a few years ago for young hip couple that wanted their space to reflect their personalities. Team designed and oversaw the renovation but unfortunately as many other ones did not really take any good 'after' photos. 

This design/reno involved opening up the wall between kitchen and living/dining room and gutting all of the common areas. There were structural walls in the hallway so it was necessary to work around them and create some storage. Bedrooms were only painted so not shown here.

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