[decor]: What Does The Fox Say?


I've managed to get in one more shopping trip with my spunky sidekick (see image below) to Home Sense and Chapters/Indigo. I needed to mostly return a few items and ever since I got stuck with bunch of things I've never managed to return couple of years back, I am trying to be more vigilant about it.

There are some great finds in both stores and it is kind of hard to leave without anything. On this trip I managed to snag couple of lamps on clearance from Visual Comfort - but more about that in a separate post.

These armoire chinoise are just amazing and great choice of two colours. I only wish to have space for them. I believe they were $499. 

Owl trend seems to be going strong still and I just loved those trays. 

A couple of nice vignettes and items - great console table and interesting dresser.

I just love those chairs, nice looking lamps and as always great pillow selection. I would love to add that iron/mesh cube-shelf to my son's room but at $49 it was a pass for now.

I managed a quick trip to Chapters/Indigo where I am always inspired and sometimes leave with a great deal. I just loved this dry-erase calendar and can't wait to finish my studio/office space to see if this would work there. 

As things go I have that 'What Does The Fox Say?' song stuck in my ear and whenever I see a fox it comes to me... it will take some years to erase that from memory. Collection above is just too cute for words - it is taking me back to my childhood memories...

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