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As I am about a week away from my due date I am trying to finish off a few things left on my list and return/buy whatever I still need. With new baby in tow - who knows when I will have a chance to go out again, not to mention browsing, etc. It was a long weekend here today with stores actually open which meant that I did not need to take all the kids with me and could take my time. 

I did not have a chance to do my usual rounds and I spent most of my time at Ikea where, in fact, I needed to buy a few things for few outstanding projects. They made some new displays and vignettes and I always like to look at their inspirations. Here are some of the new ones in my local store:

If I remember correctly the kitchen above used to be all gray (top and bottom) and they've changed it up to have white uppers. I also really like the first picture how they framed an area that could be a little bar, coffee station, etc.

Incorporating nursery in master bedroom.

Like the colour of these chairs and practical wall on the right - especially hooks for backpacks.

Ever since we painted couple of walls black in our basement I've been seeing black/white wall combos everywhere which is great. I like gallery wall above the sofa - first I thought they were new frames only to realize these are still RIBBA frames where print comes with its own matting making it seem like completely different picture (frame). 

Ikea tries to create TIPS and TRICKS throughout the store - it is sometimes really hard to spot them and I think I often do miss them as it is usually a very small white sign that points to it. This time I managed to spot the one where one could have games, train set, legos, etc. on mdf or counter/table top with coasters sliding in and out from beneath sofa, console table, bed, etc. (first photo).

I also like this rug - it would probably look really nice in the girls' room but I have something else in mind for now (second photo). In third photo - there is pine linen cabinet. I have been searching high and low for linen cabinet of particular dimensions and while this one is too big, it reminds me of my Swedish life. Finally, a really cool poster - I have maps on my mind for some time now and somehow I never saw this one before at Ikea.

On the subject of romans and blinds from yesterday's post, here are couple of other options that Ikea came up with. Instead of using the fabric itself to hold the blind, one could use appropriate ribbon. 

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