[decor]: Wall Decorations


My son's room is almost done with exception of one of the walls where I wanted to add some wall decorations as well. Initially I wanted to paint (create a mural) of hot air balloon(s), but ever since I found a picture/painting I really liked, I decided to do something else. 

Idea is to add a mural or some pictures on the wall left of the bed, perhaps even decals. I've purchased a solar system decals from Target, but they were not peeling or sticking so I had to return them. I also purchased some really nice blueish frames from Home Sense, but was thinking of adding something a bit more dramatic instead even though the painting of hot air balloons there already dramatic enough. 

I definitely enjoyed creating a tree mural in my son's nursery (in our previous house) and was looking forward to creating another one again.

In terms of inspiration, here is what tickled my imagination:

Perhaps a simplified version of one of these, albeit with different colour palette. 

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