[decor]: Romans and Blinds Part Deux


In the first part of my romans and blinds saga, I shared some of the neat ideas on how to fake romans and what blinds I am looking at the moment. Here are a couple of more neat ideas to share:

  • Roman using blinds and slats (here)
via with Heart

via Fly Through My Window
  • Roman out of burlap with ribbons (here)
via Kris Krafting
I wanted to use burlap on one of the window treatments for a very long time, either as curtains or valance, but this example above makes them seem substantial which I like. I did end up using burlap curtains in my son's room, albeit dark blue one, but wanted to use this natural colour one as well. 

  • No-Sew Faux Relaxed Roman Shade (here or here)
via Our Fifth House
via with Heart

  • I am even thinking of cornice boards (here)
via Our Joy His Glory
  • Or no-sew valance using tension rods (here)
via Life.Love.Larson
As I have 10 windows to deal with, I will probably go with any combination of the above ones. I did a test drive of roman with tension rods in my basement and while I love how it looks, I am not crazy about how sturdy it is especially as we tend to open that window. I think I will probably go with more fixed solution. 

Above fabric is folded from a larger curtain and I like how heavy it looks and that light is not seeping through it. I will have to recreate that with a lining when the time comes to finalize these projects.

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