[decor]: More Basement Updates


Since I shared our sofa find in our newly renovated basement, we managed to find some time with kids to make a few more updates:

1. put up shelves next to small off-center window to offset it. I still need to decorate and style the shelves.

2. played with faux roman using tension rods method - fabric is just folded and not cut yet. This made me decide that tension rods method (at least three of them) is not good for that I want in this window and will be working on a more permanent/fixed solution.

3. Finally - we decided to go with LACK floating shelf from Ikea to act as a sofa table. Unfortunately it also shows just how uneven the walls are. 

Going with this floating shelf also means not being able to use our new Visual Comfort lamps as they are too wide for shelf.  We decided to go with the shelf after we figured that we would not be able to use the lamps on the height we wanted anyway as there is not enough space between floating shelf and shelf next to window. 

Decision is to go with side tables to house the lamps (oh, I love them very much for this space) and below is temporary arrangement until we can find better side tables. This image also shows our white Ikea bedspread that we use on the couch.

Here are a few more photos of the space:

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