[style]: Girl Room Inspirations


Reading my posts up to now it would seem that I am obsessed with my son's room (which I have been!) but now that I feel like I am close to somewhat of the finish line with his room, I am turning my attention elsewhere - my eldest who is 9 going on 14 it seems. I have not been paying too much attention to her room as it was mostly done - even though since we painted it 1.5 year ago (wow, that long ago) I've neglected to put up any of the wall decorations as I wanted to make some changes to reflect her growing up but never got around to it.

All of that time I was dreading that she might ask me for "Monster High" or some other theme - as she went through that phase, but luckily nothing like that happened. I am not sure how to define her age now - I guess she is entering that "pre-teen" definition and while I don't like styles that are overly defined - there was a need to take her room from some of the "little girl" phase to some of the "pre-teen" one. What defines each style - I'll try to get to in another post. In the meantime, here are some of the inspirations or just photos of girl rooms that I really like.


Common theme is shots of strong colour and a bit of whimsy.. Now only to find a way to achieve it with current furnishings and decor...

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