[style]: Boy Oh Boy


I've looked at some of the boys room inspirations in stores as I have my son's room on my mind almost daily. We looked for a desk and found one on Kijjiji for $15 together with a chair. Colour of both desk and chair matched the bed frame, and to top it off, I ran into $20 wooden toy chest on garage sale that made it into my son's room.  

As I am not crazy about matchy furniture I was trying to decide what to paint out and how (all one colour, split top and bottom, etc). In my research I ran into a number of inspirational boys' rooms only to figure out that I am completely drawn to Restoration Hardware style.

While we added a few decor items and changed a couple - making the room come together - I am still debating and considering what to do about painting his furniture. I am hoping to show improvements shortly. In the meantime, here are inspirations that make me wish I could afford buying one of these rooms (all together with 10+ft ceilings), or at least a number of the items. 

There are some obvious similarities in the above rooms and that helps when one looks to recreate the look or style. Talking about maps and/or union jack decor, one or more pieces of industrial looking furniture (i.e. some metals/irons), bit of darker colours, transportation decor (airplanes, bicycles, etc), cagey decor (baskets, shelves, etc), and so on. Happy hunting!

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