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It is now 36.5 weeks and I am finding it harder to do pretty much everything. Thinking back to my other 3 pregnancies I think I had more energy at this stage, not to mention that I had some 10 pounds less as well. I have so many projects that I started, cleanup and DIYs that I am yet to start, and yet, everything seems to be just standing. My gallery wall is started - there are two pictures hanged with both of them having to be moved as I've completely missed measurements and misaligned them.  I've never had this much trouble before hanging pictures so I've decided to stop for now until time I feel fully ready.

What I can do is to replace pictures/paintings using existing placeholders so I've decided to find a home for my garage sale find.

Here is our stairway nook in its current state. While I really like this painting here - it has bothered me a bit that while it is at the right height when you stand on the landing, it appears to be hung too high when you sit in the family room looking at it (1st side photo below).

Painting that I found during my garage sale search seems to fit in perfectly, both size wise and colour scheme wise. 

I really like how it fits here.
//white flower pots// ikea; //lantern// home sense; //rug// Target

During one of the recent trips to Home Sense I got a really interesting picture that I have a few spaces in mind that I could try against. My first possibility is in our new basement space between two sconces where originally I wanted to put a mirror I found but never bought (and of course it is gone now), but then thought that perhaps an interesting painting might be in order. 

Here is how it looks trying it out:

Here it is in a few more angles:

Space is definitely still work in progress and it is not decorated/styled yet.  I am also not sure how I feel about this picture here. While it makes the space even more interesting, it might be fairly dark for the space and mirror I originally wanted perhaps might be better at adding some sparkle here. I will keep it this way a little while longer to see how I really feel about it. Of course, as soon as I muster some strength I will try this picture in couple of other locations I wanted to check out.

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