[home]: Sleeping Arrangements


When we moved into our house just about 4 years ago there was 4 of us using 3 bedrooms. Couple of years later we had a little girl and while we were expecting we considered extending our second floor over garage to add another room. In fact, we were thinking of rebuilding our roof to give it some height and get rid of the flat roof. 

We went as far as making some preliminary plans and drawings as can be seen in below picture. Of course, then came the reality of getting a few quotes including architectural drawings and a myriad of people with opinions if we should do this.  We consulted couple of real estate agents who, in retrospect, were probably biased as they just wanted us to sell and buy new, a few builders recommending to build new house so our headache persisted for some 8 months.

We finally settled on doing minimum improvements that would 1. give us a nicer and healthier house to live in, and 2. increase property value if we decided to sell. As a result, addition and roof rebuild were out. Our house is about 2900 sq. ft. and we never felt that we did not have enough space overall - it is really just a question of deciding on sleeping arrangements especially now with 4th child on the way and making some much needed renovations in the house.

Couple of years ago I've searched for inspiration on incorporating baby room in our master but did not really find anything to win me over. Since then, that baby is now toddler and with new baby needing space, we decided to move our little toddler to one of the other rooms to share with brother or sister. Well - each had its pros and cons - so we decided to try them first. We were unsure if the move will even work, if she will find it hard to move from our room. Well - it all went great, so much more than we expected or even hoped for. She went in her sister's room - who really does not use this room for much more than sleeping or occasional reading. We were gifted a second crib which we are using as her toddler bed for now.

Baby will go into our room for now and we do have some plans of adding a wall to our room with double pocket glass doors to section the area off which can be used as either nursery or reading room, or whatever people do in their master rooms... 

This way we would get a decent size bedroom for baby but would not get into extensive rework of the floorplan. For resale value we will not be loosing much, if we even would not gain, as it would give an off area of decent size (some 9.5x12 ft). Depending on how long we stay in this house - we might even kids into this room and we could take one of the smaller bedrooms for us. We do have a room in a basement, but I am not really inclined sending any of the kids there - so I am in the process of decorating it as a guest room/my paint area/office... Yes, another started, never finished project that hopefully I will complete just that I can take pictures for a post.

Any interesting sleeping or bedroom dilemmas in your life? How did you address them? How did it work out?