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We completed both our Master and second floor bathroom renovations in November 2012. While I am yet to take the "real" after photos of either bath, I did not want to wait any longer to share our before, in progress and "almost after" pictures.

We did not know if this old bathroom leaked, had any hidden mold, and we wanted to use the space off this bath that was closed off but would give us so much more room for 3 kids (4th one was not on horizon back then...)

Off course, getting rid of this hideous looking bathroom would be an added benefit. Enter demolition:

As it can be seen from above photos, renovation was desperately needed, and not just to get rid of the ugly - there was water damage, a bit of mold, and a whole a lot of "things could be even worse".

Once we had a clean slate - we re-positioned almost everything: 
  • bathtub went into space off existing bathroom 
  • toilet went on the wall facing door (where bathtub was in existing layout). This was a last minute decision as I've planned to have the toilet on the left of the door, hiding it from immediate view. But to get a better view onto the bathroom, it would have meant a very cramped toilet. It was a good decision.
  • While the vanity stayed on the existing wall - we centered it on it and allowed for double vanity. I did not set out to have a double vanity (even if it is very useful now that we have it), I found this vanity on a really good clearance at Ikea.
  • We added two tall cabinets from Ikea on either side of the vanity.

For floor tiles we reused the 18x18 carrera marble tiles we purchased for Master bath while we were planning on enlarging it. Since those plans changed, it only made sense to use these tiles in the larger renovation and I get to enjoy looking at these tiles while giving kids bath.

Here are a few "almost after" photos with promise of real after ones and source list:


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