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When I complained about my day including toaster dying couple of days ago, I assumed that I already wrote about my ongoing drama with our stove.  As you can see from our original walk-through of our house appliances were different colour, different styles - but as we did not have definite plans at the time about what to do with kitchen - it did not bother us. Until the fridge broke down a year in...

As we embarked on a fridge search we decided to use found sales and deals to also replace our stove and dishwasher. We ended up with:

Electrolux French Door Fridge

I really liked how industrial handles looked, wanted bottom freezer drawers and french door for the fridge. Purposely we did not want ice-maker as we knew that most fridges were prone to issues and we don't really need/use it as much. When it ice-maker version was delivered by mistake, we returned it.

REVIEW: Within a year a shelf broke (more specifically it separated from the bracket). We were told that we needed to pay for new one - we ended up using good glue and had no issues with it.  Unfortunately that was not the only problem - basically plastic around freezer doors started breaking until it completely fell off couple of weeks ago. While the function is not affected - it is very visible and makes the fridge look terrible. 

While I was searching for photo of the fridge to include here - ran into numerous bad reviews of this fridge - mostly due to defective ice-maker. It appears that there is a class action suit against Electrolux in NY state about it. 

VERDICT: Not worth the money and I would never buy it again.

Bosch Bar Handle Dishwasher - Stainless Steel

We went with this dishwasher as we liked the handle, look and Bosch dishwashers had good reviews. 

REVIEW: Issue we ran into was smell when not in use. I've always assumed that this was something that we have done, but found recently that it has to do with design and setup of the dishwasher. Lately we've been using it more so the smell is less noticeable. 

VERDICT: So far so good - we are happy with performance so far.

Electrolux Electric Induction Cooktop and Double Oven Stove

We liked that this stove had double oven (even though to this date I am yet to use them both). It is sleek, has racks that extend out and has that industrial look we found in other appliances. I was worried a bit about maintenance, but it proved to be a breeze.

REVIEW: While maintenance is very easy, it seems there are too many electrical problems with this stove. My problem started last year when E15 error code appeared with constant beeping making the stove unusable. I've unplugged it at the time, left it for an hour, plugged it back in and used it fine until about 2 months ago when same issue happened - only this time it would not go away.

When we opened it up we found that one of the circuits had a problem - it fried connection to lower oven which we never used! Go figure! I was happy that there was a problem as I found that there were too many people chucking this stove to garbage as they could not pinpoint the problem and were replacing parts (expensive parts) one by one only to conclude that sinking more money will not solve the problem. 

Electrolux appears unfortunately to be totally useless and unhelpful based on these comments and it does not look like they are stepping up to address this problem - similarly to their ice-maker problem with the fridge. 

For last couple of weeks we've been using a plug-in single burner stove and had no oven - cooking was much fun! Part finally arrived yesterday and we replaced it right away! E15 again !!!! Stove is unplugged again - this time with no clear indication where and what the problem might be. 

VERDICT: I will never buy Electrolux appliance again. These purchases were not cheap and idea was to buy better quality product without shelling $10K on a stove to have some piece of mind. Well, that is the last thing we got.

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