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I've made enough comments and excuses up to now for not using my DSLR for taking photos of our interior. I finally read some tutorials, tips and started playing with my camera over past couple of days.  While most of provided guidelines are similar, there are some differences and I found that not everything worked for me, or at least for some of the settings I've gone in opposite direction depending on the light and location.

Here is a photo taken by iPhone for one of previous posts:

And here is my first attempt of playing with camera, specifically - ISO and shutter speed.

I've played with aperture and custom white balance as well in addition to other two producing some good, some not such good results.

Here are some attempts in family room

Similarly, here is photo of entryway taken by iPhone with front door open.

Here is the same entryway with DSLR, different settings and closed front door. 

I still have a lot of playing around to do - not to mention that I just probably invest in a tripod.

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