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As I mentioned in many other posts, a lot of our house is work in progress - either we are doing some renovations, decorating, or planning new renovations. Master bedroom is no exception. One one hand it is work in progress as we will be adding a wall separating part of the room to create a nursery, depending on when we actually do this, we need to add a crib and create space for new baby that is coming shortly (yes, not done yet!), then adding decor including all the pictures and finally fixing our bed. 

I've purchased a headboard some years ago that is currently behind our bed. I never liked mattress sets and prefer having a mattress on top of wooden slats, but in all of this time we did not get to creating the box to hold it nor did I find exactly what I wanted to buy. I think I've decided on a solution, but now need to work on it...

In the meantime, we finally put up our curtains which we used to have in family room but since we got different ones, these ones will work nicely in our bedroom. First one is clearance from Pottery Barn - I just love linen and these are lined. I've must have made a mistake somewhere when washing/drying them as they don't line up that well anymore, as you can kind of see on the side of it. Second one is from Ikea - yes, probably everyone had these at some point - and while I don't like getting something that is so recognizable - these are really good value for money (defined as: quality material for least amount of money).

To finish off this little corner - there is nightstand from Restoration Hardware Outlet that we got at clearance plus 40% discount. Finally, lamp is from Home Sense from couple of years ago. 

This is the other side of our bedroom (room is long about 23 feet). On the left hand side we had a crib for our youngest up until a month ago. Bench in the window is from Home Sense from a few years ago and it is flanked by closets where we replaced doors. Area rug is there temporarily and it is from Home Sense from a few years back as well.

Here is another look at closets (3 in total) first looking at before photo from our first viewing of the house:

Here is the after one - changes include ripping out carpet and replacing with laminate floor, replacing closet doors, paint.

We have two windows in the room, one of the each side. Street one allows us to see river, and the other one looks onto backyard. My daugther arranged pillows below - large fur ones are from Restoration Hardware, smaller fur ones from Chapters/Indigo and silk middle one is from Home Sense from several years ago.

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