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Today just wasn't my day.. It started off with toaster not working - it seems everything that we purchased in last couple of years in the kitchen is breaking down even as we spent more on better quality stuff. Then I broke a plate - don't remember when I've done that before. And things just continued from there..

I've managed to put up couple of pictures in our powder room even though it took me forever and too many trial and errors to get them right - I am either suffering from baby brain or not working has affected me already... I felt really happy to finalize what I planned for powder room, only to feel completely defeated when third knob on our vanity would not come off - even when hubby tried. Now we have two crystal knobs and one old gold.

Here is to finishing the day on a nicer note - our little gallery wall in the living room. Years ago I was into matching decor - now I look for more unexpected elements - but these work well for me and I don't want to change them. 

Tomorrow is another day...

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