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I've been working on couple of gallery walls in our home so inspiration photos from part 1 and part 2 certainly helped with inspiration, ideas and helping me confirm what "felt" right. 

Here are my for most part work-in-progress gallery walls. The one that is complete (even though wall colour needs changing) is in the entry hall. I've looked at couple of different combinations until I've settled on the one in the next two photos. Graphics (prints) are of Toronto buildings which I got for total of $10 for all 5 at a garage sale. Frames are from Home Sense.

In this photo you can see the wining combination paired with Crate & Barrel clearance find (bench) with pillows from Indigo/Chapters that I use during colder months. Baskets are recent find from Home Sense.

Next photo is with 'summer' pillows which I found at Chapter/Indigo as well. They are linen with little gold buttons (that my youngest likes to pick off).

Next gallery wall to work on is for my family room just off kitchen. Next to fireplace we have a large TV that I always wanted to offset with some prints and paintings. Some of the frames I've had for longest time (I think 3-4 years) and they were initially purchased for our bedroom.. but as time went on and I failed to put up almost any pictures up I thought that they would look better as part of the gallery wall. Both pictures below are what I decided to put on the wall. But between sleep schedules of my youngest, my own tiredness lately, they are still not up. I'll go what is what once I get them on the wall.. 

Finally, I am adding some pictures to my son's room and I am trying to work with a mirror that I already on the wall avoiding to take it down and move it as it was a real pain to put it up in the first place (drywall kept peeling off). Mirror was centered over drawer chest that we put in place at that time, and it is off center against current one - and it is proving a challenge to make it all make sense.. we'll see if I succeed in making it 'feel' right once I actually put up these pictures.

I have not decided on a wining combo yet and I have a feeling there will be some back and forth until I complete that wall. I have found 'shelves' for books to incorporate as well, so that might change some of these plans.

I am hoping to have something to report on soon.

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