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While I am very keen on extending living space onto backyard and especially adding a solarium or even better a sun room, that type of addition is just not in the cards right now. I've collected a number of photos of enticing sun rooms that I hope to share some time soon.

Backyard additions that we made over last couple of weeks are more of exterior and kids type. 

First up is hammock that I found at Target. Ever since kids enjoyed the hammocks in Mexico resort I've been on the lookout for one here to add to our backyard. I noticed one in Target and we installed it week ago. We like it that it is cotton and it is very soft. Issue, however is, that cords move and that creates holes through which kids heads can get through. I am still considering what to do about it.

Next photo is not very focused as I've actually cropped this bit for a larger photo and quite another focus as I've realized that I don't have full photo of our backyard. In any case, it showcases where we moved our trampoline due to other structures we added. We will be moving the trampoline every week in order to preserve the grass. I must say that after having it for some four years now, I consider this trampoline to be our best investment ever - kids love it and can never have enough of it.

Something "new" in this photo is badminton/volleyball net (set really) from Target that I got for $13 on clearance. 

Finally, this Sunday (after watching 4 hours of tennis at Wimbledon final), "the men" were ready to haul the play structure on the right in the bottom photo from our neighbour's backyard to ours. We puzzled a bit about location of this gift and finally settled on putting it next to existing play structure which I think turned out quite well and it makes it all appear as it has always been here.

For longest time I wanted to have a swing set for kids. As our existing structure was not deemed sturdy enough for extension - and investing in it would not be cheap, we decided to purchase Costco's Cedar Play Structure that I've been eyeing for quite some time especially as it appears to be such a great value. Plan was to purchase it as we got back from Mexico vacation and then work on putting it together.

What waited for us on our return was a letter from our neighbour gifting us their play structure that their kids have overgrown which came with two swings. Well - it was a sign! My oldest expressed a wish to add gymnastic rings to the swing - and, incredibly, I've ran into a new set on a garage sale for $2. 

We will be cleaning this area up by donating or selling some these toys and adding some grass seeds to fix up the area damaged by trampoline. 

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