[decor]: Weekly Roundup


Similarly to the last weekly roundup there is not too much to report which is why this is more like a bi-weekly roundup at the moment. All the stores are in between sales and not having their new merchandise in yet and I probably missed out on a some clearances as I found couple of stores like Crate and Barrel almost completely unrecognizable - almost none of the items I noticed on last visit were there - I can only assume they were sold out. 

I don't have any photos but I managed to snap couple of pillows from Chapters/Indigo that were on sale which is a good thing as in another one of their stores there were none left. 

Home Sense - a few interesting pieces caught my eye. Bottom right photo is of Uberhaus chandeliers - so it seems that Home Sense now has Rona brand as well.. surprising and interesting..

Again I ran into some interesting art at  Home Sense.. Saw couple of French Shabby Chic Mannequin Body Form stands (I guess that is how they are called). Not my cup of tea (they creep me out a bit to have them in a home) but nice to see them in the store.

I am also not very big on artificial flowers, but these caught my eyes - a flower here and there - especially these ones would look great.

Last week made a trip to Restoration Hardware Outlet. There was more merchandise but sale was only $20 off for every $100 spent. Key is running into right items at the right discount...

I really like this Vintage Schoolhouse desk for playroom. I saw it when sale was 30% off making it about $250 which I think is great  for this piece. Sadly not a priority right now... Bottom left - headboard on clearance - they always have a number of bed frames and headboards...

They also had a few great sofas, sectional, chairs. Chaise was on clearance (yellow tag) for about $1500 plus additional discount that changes weekly.

Target stores are fairly empty as clearance items are pretty much sold out but new ones are slowly trickling in. One big pet peeve I have with all Target stores here is that employees leave their carts in the middle of the isles while they are not there. I've ran into this on my every visit, every store... Those dark blue cabinets would be interesting as my son's night table, especially as they are on sale. I like the colour but I am a bit afraid of glass in his room... Clocks for his room - but there is a point when one can overdo things - this is one of those..

That's it for decor finds.. What else were we doing this week?

Enjoying my mom's flowers and admiring how grapes are growing:

Watching new flowers in our front yard, moving trampoline around in the backyard, playdates in between camps...

Our own garage sale - first one in this house (second one in total).. My girls were helping me, younger one was crying every time someone would buy a toy.. 

A to-do and a project on the go and on my mind.. Need some additional support for tomatoes and other plants in our garden which has grown tremendously. I am looking for foam to build my own cushion for a bench.

That's it for this week. Hope you are enjoying your weekend!