[decor]: Weekly Roundup


It has been some time since the last Weekly Roundup as I have been somewhat busy to look for decor finds in my favorite spots. 

I did not find too many new pieces of furniture in Home Sense, but was mesmerized with some of the pictures. First photo shows three pictures I found that I find so enchanting. I have something similar already and looking at the picture makes me smile every time.

This clock is just fabulous and at $199 I would have to think hard about getting it - really hard. Good thing that I've already purchased the clock for the basement and have one over ground floor fireplace already as well....  

I really liked these lamps - but I would change the shades as I don't think these really work with these bases. 

This picture stopped me in my tracks and I just had to have it. There are too many places in the house where it could work and I can't wait to try them out. I've been really mesmerized with hot-air-balloons for some time now and had plans of creating a mural either in my son's room or playroom...  

There were many shelves of copper decor which is quite lovely, but this one caught my attention. 

There are many poufs out there, but there was something about this one that caught my eye - I could just envision it in our basement with rest of decor.

I am not looking for vintage/iron looking beds, but these headboard/footboard from Home Sense is refreshing change from typical headboards one can find there. Priced at $299. I have not seen rest of the bed frame, but they might have it at the back.

My search for patio furniture at Home Sense produced nothing and from what I am told there will not be more shipments so I need to look elsewhere or wait another year.  That elsewhere was always Restoration Hardware Outlet so I went to see what was available. There is also a store wide sale of 30% which helps, but the only patio pieces that I liked were already sold. There were a couple of lovely pieces in the store, but nothing really for me to write about. Except to perhaps mention that they got a few more vanities.

Finally, there were couple of new (at least new to me) pieces in Ikea. I quite liked this colourful sofa and ottoman. 

I've never seen this toy chest before and I just loved it when I saw it - but it was out of stock.

This is type of chair I envision at the ends of our long table in basement. It is good to know I can get it here if I cannot find anything similar for a better price elsewhere. 

This PS fold-able bench is at good price point as far as benches go, and I thought of using it with that long table in the basement, but fitting two of them will not work and one is just not enough. 

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