[decor]: Steals and Deals


Even at 35 weeks pregnant I cannot stay away from garage sales. Over last few years I've become more regular at it with exception of last year as we've been in Europe for some 2.5 months. 

I've mostly looked for kids sports stuff, toys and, of course, interesting decor items. 

Here are my find from the latest trip:

1. Persian 4x6 rug - in not too great condition as it is fairly worn and faded but good enough for use and abuse it will receive in our home.  It is has 'Made in Iran' label.  Price $20

2. 7 Royal Art Pottery England Plates - Again, good but not great condition but more than perfect for our everyday use. I've been looking to buy a set for some time now, but always found fault with everything I found (especially price) that these were a no-brainer. Price $3 for all 7.

3. Diane Cournoyer Oil Painting - I immediately liked this painting and it is in good condition. Next on the agenda is finding a perfect place for it.  Price $25.

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