[decor]: Boy's Room Snippets


As I mentioned in earlier inspiration post - I am finally tackling my son's room by putting together all the decor pieces I found over time and some quite recently as of yesterday. I'll go over the source list once I share all the photos. Room is not yet completely done as I still want to change up night table and add some more decor pieces, probably replace rug with something a bit more for an older boy - but I think we are on a good track.

First look of the bed which we have in family some 15 years now with picture I got recently which I was not sure if I should put in our basement room. I tried in my son's room and loved it.

This area is visible straight from the door and it is over his little desk.

I can't wait to tidy the room up (yet again), try to style it a bit and take some photos of rest of the room. I found some extra energy I did not know I had to put up rest of his pictures on the walls.

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