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Early yesterday morning with got back from our 2-week vacation in Mexico, Mayan Riviera. We wanted to get away somewhere warm and sunny for some time in May as I wanted to avoid flying late in pregnancy (not that I have not done it before but this pregnancy has been more difficult than others) and we just needed some sun after this long and harsh winter.

I've researched several options and realized that finding accommodation for 5 in all-inclusive resorts is actually not that easy or affordable for us unless. We traveled to Cuba (3 times), Mexico (2 times), Jamaica and Bahamas before and for us Mexico was best value for money. Even though I would have loved to have gone to a completely different location we were considering costs as well.

After some research we've settled for Grand Palladium Colonial Resort and Spa for a few reasons:

  • It was in Mayan Riviera area where we've been before and loved it.
  • It was in our price range
  • It had fairly good reviews on TripAdvisor
  • It is large and part of 4 resorts that are all connected and can be used which was important considering we were staying there for 2 weeks
  • It had kids' waterpark and kids club

Trip was amazing, resort was great and exceeded our expectations.

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