[life]: Our Little Celebration


As I mentioned in yesterday's post  we have worked hard to get our house ready for guests post-renovation and to prepare for the party. 

I managed to get in couple of photos - some of these even after some of the food was already eaten, but nevertheless I think you can get the sense of what we had going.

We had two tables and small sitting area prepared in addition to buffet table that was holding the food. When the guests came - we ended up putting the tables closer together so that everyone could talk with everyone else. Peonies are from our front yard.

This is another view of the setup from above. 'Happy Day' banner is from Target. Rest of furnishings and decor we already had. I did not manage to find sofa I liked yet so we used the furniture that we had. Unfortunately, we did not have time to try and wash our sun umbrella.

Girl of the day and food.

We had a small 'picnic' area for kids where they ate and then played some badminton after spending an hour or two on trampoline first.

For deserts we had a cake (first photo above), fruits, cupcakes and other types of cookies.

Another shot of deserts.

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