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We have completed our master bath renovation in November 2012. It was a very quick process as a contractor took exactly one month to complete two bathrooms. I was ready with most of the materials for both of them, but was scrambling for some of the items such as mirrors for Master Bath and I ended up making some quick decisions for both bathrooms. I will be compiling a list of lessons learned based on renovations of our 3 bathrooms (master, second floor and basement).

Onto the Master bath - here it is in its 'Before' glory:

As briefly discussed and shown in layout in earlier post, we decided to stick to the current size of the bathroom (some 6x8 ft) and most of the layout by only turning the vanity onto the wall opposite from the door and making it a double vanity.

Here are some in progress photos (terrible phone photos that is):

As can be seen from the first photo above, I was discussing with tiler if we should use angle approach or place tiles in straight line. I've decided to go with straight line for more simple look. Floor tiles were from Home Depot as well as accent tile in the shower, while 12x24 while tiles were from Tile Shoppe, all at great price points.

Here is another great photo taking selection (yup!) with still a bit more progress as we have vanity (Ginger's), faucets (overstock.com), toilet (I believe Rona), shower marble hexagon tile (Quarry Direct), quartz (or Caesarstone , not sure) from local supplier through my contractor, shower step shower controls (Ubberhouse design or something like it from Rona), sconces (Ikea), paint (BM Swiss Coffee), shower glass (local supplier sourced through contractor), shower basket (Taps Bath).

Here is the almost finished product without any styling, decorating nor really good picture taking. In addition to source above, mirrors were from Ikea and towel bars from Home Sense.

I am hoping to post real After photos some time soon and go through complete source list.


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