[home]: Laundry Room Renovations


This is how our laundry room looked like until couple of months ago:

Mind you this is was a huge improvement of how things looked before summer of 2013 as you can see by photos below. While I was in Europe my dad moved the dryer next to washer (yeah!), installed new tub, painted the floors and shelving and made the whole area just a bit nicer.

Since my dad made those improvements, we realized that washer was leaking and used one of the sales and store negotiations to purchase new LG washer in fall 2013. We decided to hold off on a matching dryer until a bit later which actually just happened as it was delivered last night. Yippee!

When we decided on our basement renovation, laundry room was supposed to be just framed, but not finished on the inside (except for insulation for one of the walls) as we did not want to increase the budget any more than we had to and thought that we would DIY it later on. Well, our contractor did not like that idea and decided to finish it. 

Since the walls were done and tiling guy was coming anyway, we decided to just have it all done with and added some cost for tiles. Here is our progress photo:

Well, then one work carries another as we decided to leverage the fact we have contractors in the house and install better sink/tub and add a countertop over washer and dryer. 

This posed some problem for me as I really liked Ikea's laundry sink which has basically been discontinued and found that purchasing separate counters and sinks can get expensive. Choice came down to three 3-in-1 laundry sink options (they provide counter, sink and faucet):

1. Home Depot - Presenza

While I liked the price of this option as well as some of the clear glass inserts, what I was not crazy about were the legs, how unsturdy it felt and faucet compared to other options.

2. Rona' Utility Cabinet

What I liked was porcelain sink and look of faucet and even the placeholder for soap. What I did not like was cabinet itself, legs, etc. - it did not go with whole laundry room scheme and it looked and felt 'cheap'.

3. Home Depot - Glacier Bay

This was a winning combo - cabinet was sturdy enough, straightforward - faucet industrial looking which I liked and sink deep enough.

Here is another progress photo of the space as I am working on final touches and final reveal photos:

Tiles are in, countertop is in and laundry sink is in - plus additional shelf and light fixtures. Ikea's desk tops are perfect size for washer/dryer combo so I've decided to purchase that and have contractors just add some mdf to hold it in place which we ended up painting. I did not plan to 'splurge' on stainless steel counter (table top) as I really liked Ikea's LInnmon Gray Table Top but it was out of stock for considerable amount of time and I could not delay renovation any longer:
I've decided to go with stainless steel option of the same table top instead.


  1. I'm glad you went with the Glacier Bay; I think it's lovely! The first one was pretty nice too though I have to admit.

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